Friday, 9 October 2015

A gaggle and a great clock.

It's turned back to summer the last couple of days, the paint brushes are out to do the port roof rail, the rear sliding hatch is off, rubbed down and a couple of coats of undercoat applied. I left the hatch of over night and secured an umbrella in its place, luckily the night was dry and windless - outside at least.

The marina is full of Canadian geese, they leave the marina noisily around 16:00 and return just as loudly at about 10:00 . I counted around 180 of the birds on the water.

Tuesday we had a ride over to Telford for no other reason than it has a Debenhams, Sue had wanted to return an outfit. Telford has a modern shopping mall at its centre with an entertaining clock in the main gallery you can see it in action by clicking here

Telfords clock.

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