Sunday, 25 October 2015

Freaky Friday

It was Freaky Friday at Midland Chandlers which meant there should be bargains to be had, with the promise of 20% discounts a Mondeo full of boaters left the marina for MC's Penkridge warehouse.

I was going for a looksey not really needing anything in particular, but I had that nagging feeling I would miss out on a cheap gem if I didn't go along. I walked up and down all the aisles more than a few times perusing the shiny bits to find a discounted pearl.

Tempting as a new automatic bilge pump was I left it on the shelf, we had discussed about getting a freezer installed but this needs some more thought. On the last shelf of the store I spied a 19" LED. TV/DVD player, we'd been thinking about replacing the one in the bedroom as the picture on it is poor, a quick check on the internet to make sure it was a real bargain and it was in the boot. We stopped off at the Greyhound for a pasty & pint on the way back to the marina.

Our daughter and friend stopped off on their way down south from the Isle of Man ferry at Heysham, arrived at 02:00 leaving at 12:30 after a sleep and some breakfast. They were off to a Bob Dylan concert at the Royal Albert Hall -  didn't realise youngster were into his music. Interestingly Bob started this 'Never Ending Tour' in 1988 when he was just a youngster aged 47.

Watched the NZ v Sth Africa game on TV during the afternoon, a great game with a narrow victory for the All Blacks 18-20.

Sunday - Had the stove lit first thing, chilly start to the day with temperatures not expected to reach double figures. Did some brass polishing before settling down to the rugby semi-final- the Wallabies proved too smart for the Pumas during their 15-29 win.

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