Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Moving on.

Two more jobs to do before we left the marina.

First was to finish off the raising of the dinette with Oak facing boards. With the extra inch thickness in the new cushion's the seats have been raised by nearly 6" and are a lot more comfortable to sit at. 

Some rubbing down and sealing required.

Heartbreak Hill Grill was sorted by fitting the new thermocouple. The thermocouple is a sensor that switches off the gas supply to the grill when it detects the flame has extinguished. We have been using the grill for the last 3 years by holding the gas switch in while food grilled- a royal pain. Now the grill stays alight as it should, it was one of those jobs I kept putting on the 'back burner'.

The old Thermocouple.

Today we untied FL from the pontoon and turned left out of the marina, a cold but bright day with little wind made for a pleasant cruise. It is good to be out on the cut again, Sue got her muscles working again at the locks while I took in the scenery. The stove has been lit each night as the temperature drops at dusk.

Longish horns
The leisure battery warning light came on an hour into the journey, tightening the fan belt didn't fix the problem this time. I have a spare alternator to put on but the pulley needs to be removed, I thought the new pulley would need a workshop with the proper tools to get it off -  this proved right when I asked Colin a marine engineer liveaboard to get it off today. He tried his best but to no avail, I will go into Anglo Welsh's workshop at their base at Great Heywood tomorrow.

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