Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Thursday left Somerset at 11am and had a clear drive up to Stone the only slight congestion was where the M5 meets the M6 which slowed us down to 50 mph.

In the evening we had a nice meal out with Ray and Diane at the Hollybush.

Friday  after doing the boaty chores we went to the Exchange for a social gathering, afterwards we had a bevvy or two in the Three Crowns while watching the Wales beat France in the rugby. I had an in depth  discussion with Gordon about  the virtues of having the correct pressures in a vehicles tyres over that last pint !

Saturday I woke feeling a bit woolly, I'm just not used to these frequent social activities. The sun was up and the sky was clear as I loaded the car for our journey home to IOM. The ferry from Birkenhead was mostly calm until an hour out from berthing in Douglas when the boat started rolling in the increasing swells. The England v Ireland match kept our minds of the tempest outside.

Sunday - Sue and Nikita went for lunch at the Mount Murray, I was going too but a DIY job changing the cistern in the bathroom loo which didn't quite go to plan put paid to that. No matter ...I got it  done with only two trips to B&Q  the second trip to exchange a faulty flush they sold me on the first trip, Nikita cooked me a nice chicken stir fry for missing out on the carvery. In the afternoon we all took the two hounds for a long run, Syar is enthusiastic about chasing after balls, the younger Rocky is either lazy or intelligent, he doesn't waste his energies chasing, he will let Sylar charge of after the ball and take it off him when he returns with it. Not so much a retrievery a thievery.

Monday ... said goodbye to Nikita at the airport for her trip to Marrakesh. The rest of the day has been taken up with spring cleaning the house surprising how messy a house becomes when leaving it for a few months in your offspring's care.

Tuesday .. took the dogs to the vet for a planned check up then loaded the car with bags of rubbish for the dump. Popped into the garage to speak to Steve about the old Jaguar, it's been in their nearly a year for an intermittent battery draining problem. The problem may be one of the six on board modules which are meggar expensive so the plan is to wait for a donor vehicle to come up to try out various bits.

If no luck the car will probably become a donor vehicle itself. 

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