Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Linoleum and carpet day.

What an atrocious day, dark skies and rain for most of the day, we were up early 06:30 to prepare for the new flooring to be fitted. We got the saloon carpet up and the lino from the galley and shower room and dismantled and moved the loo into the shower. The sealant from around the old lino had to be scraped from the skirting which was a painstaking task for Sue, the whole area was then thoroughly cleaned.

Glen the fitter turned up promptly at 09:30.

The saloon carpet was laid in no time. The complexity and confinement of the lino floor area meant that a template in paper of the area had to be taken, Sue volunteered to go to the shop in Stafford to collect the paper while Glen cracked on, once the template had been made Glen returned to the shop to have it cut exactly to size, he also took the old bedroom carpet to use as a template. Sue took herself off to the shops in Trentham and then a coffee in the bistro while the work continued.

By 16:00 hours the Lino and the carpets were laid, it then took Sue and I a couple of hours to put the loo and the bed back together plus refitting various cupboard doors.

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