Saturday, 8 February 2014

Titanic Brewery Tour

Strangest brewery tour I've been on and I've been on a few. When you arrive you are shown into the store room with a makeshift bar where you stay for a couple of hours drinking as much of the product as you can want. Then follows a ten minute stumble tour of the facilities ending back in the store room for more ale. After this you move on to a local pub for more free ale and a BBQ . Sue and I didn't go to the pub as we wanted to be home in time for the England v Scotland rugby match.

Sue and Roly looking forward to when their teams meet.

The picture that proves Dot can organise a piss up in a brewery.

Vats of Steerage Ale

A pint of First Class for Roly, the chap serving is not employed by the brewery but volunteers to help out on tour days, his payment much ale as he can drink..... I'd call that a plum job.

The First Class ale was an excellent tipple, shame we haven't seen it in the Royal Exchange yet.

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