Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Skid marks

A 3 hour trip mostly on the M5 found us in soggy Somerset to visit Sue's mum Betty.

Wednesday we had a shopping trip into Dorchester and then lunch at The Greyhound Inn in the chocolate box village of Sydling St Nicholas where homes are built of flint stone under thatched roofs

Sydling St Nicholas... web photo.

The pub is described on google as a Boutique Pub Hotel, it has very friendly staff and the food was excellent although a little bit poncey.... big plates small portions stacked in the middle. The complete opposite of the meal we had at the Hollybush last week.

Pork belly with a lean to crackling, I thought they had dolloped semolina on my plate but it turned out to be pureed parsnip

Nice piece of cod with 'skid mark' of peas

We will be back on FL tomorrow to remove all the stuff we put on her and haven't used and take it back to IOM along with the car on Saturday.

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Elly and Mick said...

I was wondering what this post was going to be about! The Holly Bush is a great pub isn't it. We really like it too.
Elly x