Monday, 17 February 2014

Change of Venue.


A glorious spring like sunny day perhaps we will get away with the snow and ice of last year..fingers crossed. Sue went of to Tesco at Rugeley while I got on with de-rusting  the floors of the two lockers in the cratch. Once wire brushed with the angle grinder and cleaned, I sprayed a coat of 'Exit Rust' on to the bare areas. They will get a  a coat of primer tomorrow.


Raining again. A coat of primer went on the floors now they look perfick.

Our Monday afternoon boaters tea has had to move. The cedar huts that we made use of while the Bistro has a day off have been padlocked and have been put out of bounds by the mean spirited management. No problem venue was switched to the Titanic pub, the landlady allowed us to bring our own food....luvvly jubbly.

We had pasties,flatbreads, quiche. meatballs, picnic eggs, sausage rolls,veg and dips.

and we had pressies, we received this tea ball personalised with the three legs of Man... thanks Elaine and Paul.

While the ladies travelled home by car the menfolk had to endure the rain on a sodden walk back to the marina. We got as far as the Three Crowns and their warming open fire. Once dry on the outside we  hailed a cab  for the few minute journey back to our boats.

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