Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Landrover Gear selector switch

Monday we had a good gathering of boaters at the Monday afternoon booze and tea party. We had lots of delightful home baked goodies my favourite was the hand made pasties made by Cornish duo Dot and Gordon, possibly the very best  pasty I have ever eaten. We were all pleasantly surprised by Superwoman Elaine's attendance along with reformed for the day hubby Paul, this was noted by a spontaneous round of applause by all when they arrived. Happy birthdays were sung for anyone with a birthday in February among laughter and merriment.  There maybe a Curry monday afternoon soon, I will look forward to that one.

The Disco's automatic gearbox has been playing up lately and looking at different forums on the web it looked likely that the culprit was the gear selector switch which when worn puts the gearbox into get you home mode by locking it in 3rd gear. This we get out of by switching the ignition on and off which resets everything and all is OK until the next time, next time was becoming more and more frequent so it was time to get it sorted. I took the car to a specialist firm in Norton Canes who quickly diagnosed the faulty switch, I knew the switch was going to be expensive from the forums  £300+ VAT. I got them to service the gearbox while they were at it  total including switch £657 double ouch.

Why is the switch so expensive? well in this case it is not just a simple device for  making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit but is quite a major part of the mechanical working of the gear selector.

Close-up of dismantled switch
A dismantled gear selector switch from the www

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