Sunday, 9 February 2014

Smoked kids

Sunday started with plenty of sunshine, while Sue went to Morrison's for supplies I reconnected the cable to the satellite dish which came adrift in yesterdays blustery wind. I dropped the satellite finder in the canal but managed to aim the dish at the right segment of sky to get a good signal without it.

Watched France beat Italy in the six nations. I was tempted to go to the pub to watch the football after learning Fulham were 1-0 up at half time against Manu, but decided to watch tonight's highlights instead.

Seems to be some consternation about the impending law banning  the smoking of children in cars, I and my siblings were smoked like kippers in our dads Ford Consul when we were kids, health education about the effects of smoking wasn't around then.

They should ban smoking in cars period, because it's dangerous, drivers with  fag clamped in hand on the steering wheel or between lips with eyes half shut from the stinging smoke is dangerous, let alone the paraphernalia used to get the stick alight and disposal of the debris, all while negotiating motorways, the school run and trips to Tesco.

Drivers in the UK have been fined for eating apples, sandwiches, Kit Kat's and sipping water from a bottle while on the move, one chap was even stopped for laughing at the wheel so why should smokers get away with it whether they have children in the car or not.


Dot Campbell said...

Joining the grumpy old git club then Andy?

Andy said...

It's ok to have a rant now and again aint it Dot.

Diane and Ray said...

I think the using of mobile phones while driving is an even bigger crime