Sunday, 5 January 2014

Week one 2014

What a start to 2014, the last 5 days have seen storms hitting the west and south coasts of the UK, here in Stone things haven't been so bad, we have had a couple of sunny calm days in between the wind and rain.

The Storms have played havoc with the ferry service to IOM, when this happens the shelves in Tesco soon empty. The shelves are replenished straight from the Tesco trailers coming off the ferry. The situation is exacerbated by an army of panic buyers.

We might have to send a food parcel by air to our daughter if the storms persist ;-)

Its Sunday evening now and the rain is back, along with gusty winds.

We have been out in the car for trips to Newcastle under Lyme & Stafford during the week and a shortened Stone farmers market yesterday,  Rob has visited the boat with templates for the new doors in the bedroom and kitchen, he should be back to fit them this week.

Above is an angel made for us by Dot a talented stained glass artist  NB 'Ewn Ha Cul'.

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