Monday, 20 January 2014

Having a Jimmy in Leek

Sunday was a lovely sunny day but very cool, Sue took Diane to the station so she could get a train to Birmingham to meet hubby Ray who has been enduring a 40+ degree heatwave in Melbourne, it must be a different yellow disc to the one in our sky which is only producing 6- degrees.

We had a long muddy puddly meander along the towpath past Stone, there were plenty of joggers with wet socks, cyclist with wet muddy striped  arses and backs. (why don't riders of push bikes have mud guards any more) and dog walkers with soggy hounds enjoying the morning sun.

In the afternoon we had a trip to Leek which was the home of canal engineer James Brindley, unfortunately the mill and museum bearing his name was closed.


Leek is situated at the southern edge of the Peak District National Park and so has some dramatic rugged countryside around it to explore, we didn't have our hiking gear with us so we just drove through it!

Monday - There was a sharp frost first thing with a thin sheet of ice on the water followed by fog a little later. I had a walk around the marina to try and take moody pictures of frosty boats through the mist with the new camera.  Went to fill the water tank but the tap was frozen, a kettle of water freed it up (we take it for granted when at home that there is always water available at the tap). Unloaded three bags of coal that had been residing in the boot of the car into the cratch.
In the afternoon we had a good laugh in the Royal Exchange with Paul, Elaine, Diane, Ray, Roly, Bev, Gorden, Bombo, Sammy and Banjo.


Paul and El said...

Nice shots, you must have really cool camera!!

Andy said...

Cool camera crap photographer !