Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Odd Job

Life in the marina continues as usual in a slow relaxed manner, the mellow inducing days are shortened even more with our late rising, 1130am one day last week! I expect this will change as we get nearer to spring and start looking forward to the start of our cruising season.

Tuesday Sue went off to Litchfield with the luncheon girls which left me the boat to myself to get some jobs done on the. First job was to rig a cable for the washing machine so we can bypass the converter.

Second job was to change the fresh water pump, which didn't go according to plan,  forgetting to depressurise the system left me a little soggy, then when installed, the pressure was low and the water pulsing from the tap this I traced to a loose pressure switch on the pump.

Third job was to tidy the wiring under the TV by fitting a 4 plug adapter to the inside cupboard wall. With all this done and filling the water tank and dumping the rubbish Sue was pulling  back into the carpark.

Today we went into Stafford to B&Q for some bits and have a wander around the town which has some impressive buildings. Then it was into Stone to get some bags of coal, a replacement mop for the one we lost of the roof in the high winds and some supplies from Morrisons on the way back to the marina.

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