Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Genius Bar

Rob was around early to put a final coat of lacquer on the doors. So to get away from any fumes we left him to it and took ourselves off to the Trafford Centre (that should be far enough ). We had a wander around window shopping and had lunch in KFC.

Our main aim for going was to take Sue's faulty phone into the Apple store. The store has what they call a 'Genius Bar' where employees try to find solutions to your Apple products problem.

Our problem was that the phone kept asking to be connected to itunes for a restore, this we did 4 times before dumping the phone in a drawer 6 months ago.

Any way the queue to see one of the genius crew was 20 deep ....not a good advert for the Apple products .. and we had to book a slot which wasn't for another two hours time. Once our slot arrived & our 'Genius' quickly concurred that the phone was beyond help and swapped it for a new one for a charge of £119 (out of warranty)...ouch.

I'll be sticking with my HTC phone.

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