Saturday, 27 April 2013

Staying put

Decided to stay for the weekend in Braunston , sunshine and showers today. After breakfast Sue walked into the village for the paper and had an altercation with the owner of a dog that was allowed to run amok in the park.

We had our lunch of the pork pie and it was delicious, may buy another before we go.

I had a problem with my Three Internet account and had to phone Delhi to get a password sent out ,the conversation went like this.

Me " I need a password to get into my account "

Igbol " you will need your mobile  phone handy have you got it ".

Me " Yes it's on the table,,, oh hang on it's gone missing"

After a few frantic moments looking for it and asking Igbol to hang on...

Me " Sue where's my bloody phone gone "

Sue " Against your bloody ear you fool"

Well that put us into fits of laughter  with tears rolling down our faces I  couldn't speak  any more and had to let Igbol go.

I walked up to the chandlers and bought an  Ecofan to help circulate the heat from the solid fuel stove , expensive but they work really well.

This afternoon I walked into the village to buy some spuds and popped into the 'The Old Plough' for a nice pint of Doombar Ale.. as you do  and bumped into Aussie Mick from nb  Parrisian Star.  Micks good lady is a fellow blogger so I knew of Mick but he didn't know me. "Gooday Mick"says I, a look of apprehension comes across his face. "You are Mick arn't you and married to Elle on nb Parrisian Star ". Penny drops "that bloody blog ..... this keeps happening to me!" Well we had a good laugh and  chat before walking back to the boats where we introduced our wives over a beer on PS.
Top couple

Sue only got to eat two of the scones she made .. they were that good. I made up for it by cooking our tea of  sausage leeks and spuds.

Sunday lunch opportunities

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