Monday, 22 April 2013

More shopping

Did manage to get to the pub last night for a couple of Bombardiers.

Been shopping to Northampton Argos, Homebase and Sainsburys to get more bits and pieces this took most the morning. Its about a 200 yard walk from where we have parked the car to the boat so we were glad of the folding sack truck we brought along with us.

This evening I've been for a short cycle ride along the towpath to see what's round the next bend in the canal's another bend. Spoke to the guy who I hired to give us some tuition on the phone today but his wife is still very poorly and he won't be available for another couple of weeks at least. Ah well how hard can it be we'll set off tomorrow and see how we get on.


Jude said...

Good luck tomorrow. Which way are you heading?

Andy said...

Thanks .. to the nearest water point.. about 400 yds down the cut!

Neil S said...

Hi Andy & Sue, It nice to hear that you are settling in your new home.

Its sounds like you have been very busy, even busier than when you work ;-) (Andy!)

Keep blogging

Jude said...

Perfect day for it, the wind has dropped and the sun is shining! Our boat is at Blisworth so we may 'bump' into you soon! Enjoy your day.