Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Leaving Braunston

Saturday we set off for the  south Oxford canal but missed the turning and had to carry on North for another 6 miles to the next winding hole near Hillmorton which is at the end of the Barby Straight (negotiating this at 4mph in a  narrow boat strangely had me reminiscing of  taking the Cronk Y Voddy Straight on the Isle of Man at 140mph on  Honda Fireblade.)

Having turned we moored for the night just above Rowdykes Bride and had our Sunday lunch which had been roasting in the  Epping for a few hours.

Sunday we are now moored in  Wigrams Turn Marina  on the Oxford canal and will be here for a few days while we deep clean the boat. I want to t-cut and polish the exterior, and touch up some paint as well as service the engine, expect this to take a few days and it will be handy to be connected to the grid and water supply.

We came into the marina in a gale and moored on the nearest berth to the entrance, luckily when we booked in at reception this berth was available so we didn't need to move again or so we thought, we had to turn the boat around as our shore line hook up is at the stern and we were bow in. Turning in the wind  and reversing into the berth took 3 attempts but after about 20 mins we were safely tied up.

We had another scrummy meal (stew) from the Epping that had been cooking most of the day.

The Epping is a fantastic tool for a few lumps of coal it stays alight 24/7 keeping the boat warm and cooks dinner.

Phone coverage is non existent here but the 3 internet connection appears to work.

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