Sunday, 7 April 2013


Parcels seem to be arriving daily at our door as we collect all the things we ' think ' we will need to be able to live aboard Festina Lente comfortably, it's a bit like furnishing a small flat. Amazon and Lakeland are our two main suppliers, I gained some useful tips from forums about the tool kit I will need and I have engine servicing spares  oil/fuel filters plus another impeller  and  a few 'just in case' items to boot. Sue has been busy ordering all the kitchen utensils we will need for the galley.

People who know me will know I like hoover's and hoovering (some call me hoover man) as well as a ball Dyson I have their first hand held so I plan to just take this on board and see how we get on (it's a storage or should I say stowage issue)

I found an oil seal removing tool in my garage bought 'just in case' 10 years ago  and guess what I was right, I have sharpened it into a prop clearing tool, I'm bound to need that.

I have a few days leave to take before my finishing date of the 26th so plan to go over next week end and possibly move the boat into a local marina for a couple of weeks while I finish my notice period.

Ordered a couple of leather swivel recliners from Debenhams (we have two at home and find them ever so comfy) These will be delivered straight to Rugby boat sales and they will look after them until we arrive.



Maffi said...

Hi Your prop clearing tool is fab.

On the subject of recliners I had two very nice ones that, though comfortable, were just to big for the boat. I swapped them for some smaller ones.

Andy said...

Determined mine will fit but I'm not sure about Sue's!