Friday, 19 April 2013

Almost there

Went for a 'bon voyage' drink or two with a few good friends last night in the Artisan a posh bland sort of bar in Douglas with no atmosphere but the company and beer were excellent.

Last day at work over so I am now officially retired/unemployed.

Car is packed and we are just waiting to go down to the ferry at 1400hrs looks like a nice quiet day for a crossing , should be in Liverpool by 1730hrs and in the B&B by 9ish...........

Arriving in Liverpool

......... Got to the Narrow boat pub/B&B at 2030hrs they serve Bombardier Ale here so would of been rude not to partake of a beverage, just the one mind as I want a clear head tomorrow when we meet the previous owner of Festina who will walk us through the systems and hard ware used on the boat.

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