Tuesday, 23 April 2013

First outing

Woke up to glorious sunshine which has lasted all day . We set off down the canal and moored up at the water point and filled the tank then we  continued to the winding hole to turn the boat, during this manoeuvre I managed to hit the bank 3 times, Sue and I will have to get our hand signals co-ordinated from the front to  the back or should that be bow to stern of the boat.
                                                        Filling the tank with blue water hose

We moored back where we left 2 hours before but facing the other way  So that was our first outing under our belt not very exciting for blog readers but exhilarating for this pair of novices.

This afternoon was spent having a look around Rugby and sorting out new UK phone contracts £6.90 a month with 200 free voice mins 5000 texts and 500 mb of data on the 3 network. Wont get a tariff like that back home with Manx Telecom.

Be setting off for real tomorrow ..locks and all!

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Unknown said...

All looks fantastic yessir.