Thursday, 3 August 2017

Still on the Upper Thames

Had a quiet few days moored in Lechlade the cows were in another field so we didn't get the early morning wake up call of tongues licking the roof of dew.

We have made our way back to Pinkhill where we have stayed for a few days. The weather has continued mild,  bright spells intermingled with blustery showers with the occasional deluge - a typical summer holiday period for the school kids.

I got well and truly caught in one of the downpours on my way back from the Co-Op in Eynsham. The following day I had a walk around Farmoor reservoir, we had been wondering where all the coots were, plenty of Moorhens but we hadn't seen any Coots on the upper Thames so far, happy to say I found around 100 of the baldies up on the reservoir.


Shifford lock

While FL descended in the lock Sue went scrumping in the lock keepers garden  for a few sprigs of rosemary - I dobbed her in when the lockie turned up - he didn't seem to mind.

Pinkhill lock.

This lot compete with the fly fishermen for trout  on Farmoor reservoir

Some of the coots

Pinkhill mooring

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