Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Basingstoke canal day three

I wasn't best pleased when I got up this morning that the branches of an overhanging tree FL was moored under was the local squirrel populations pooping post. That sorted we set off, only one lock to be used today and no more until the return trip. 

First stop was the canal centre  where we had a nose around and a cuppa in the garden.

Passing over the A331

The boats had to be readied to get under a 5'10" bridge,  we measure 1/2" over this,  I summised with the low level of water we would get under ok but took the new expensive cratch cover off as a precaution. EHC is taller still and the cratch board had to come down.
Negotiating Wharf bridge

Ornate bridge

What about the ladies
We finished todays cruise off at Reading road wharf, hoisted the tv aerial to watch the semi final of the Rugby World Cup.... that would be the ladies.

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