Sunday, 6 August 2017

Pinkhill to Abingdon

We spotted the barn owl at Pinkhill, unfortunately the light was too poor to get a decent camera shot, it sat in a tree twizzling its head then flew straight to a spot a few yards away where it swooped on a rodent of some description and made off with it.

We have now passed Oxford and over the last few days have moved on to moor below Abingdon lock. 

Mini Gondola at Oxford

Unusual vessel

Someone in the E.A. has cocked up big time . The E.A. waste disposal contract has ended, Biffa has removed all of its bins. The new contractor if there is one hasn't supplied any bins yet. So now there isn't a bin for boaters to put their rubbish into on the whole length of the Thames, the couple of lock keepers we have spoken to are livid about the situation.

Abingdon lock it was the same at Lechlade and Rushy lock's when we passed.
Hopefully this will get resolved before too long.