Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Days Lock

Leaving Culham lock.

Passing fuel boat Merchant

Clifron lock

Since 1985 and our first Thames boat we have always moored on the meadow at Dorchester near   Days lock, for us it was a tranquil spot in a beautiful landscape, form here we had good walks up the nearby hills or into the picture postcard village for groceries or a drink in the pub. 
Things have changed , read about it here

We could still moor there for a fee and still visit Dorchester and Wittenham clumps as we are fit enough to scale the locked gate to get out of the barbed wire fenced pound. 

Bad enough for us boaters who stop here for a few days a year but devastating to the locals who use the area as a recreational facility all year. They host the World Pooh Sticks championship there. 

We will not moor there on principle and in support of the villagers who are fighting the new owner to get the fencing removed so they can continue to use the area as a village green. They have a campaign going. FL is moored on the opposite bank.

This saga reminds me of another knobhead who took a fancy to a beauty spot and fenced out the locals. It took 5 years using the courts to get the fencing removed. read about that here

Looking down on the meadow taken  last year.
Wittenham Clumps from opposite bank.

Abingdon to Days lock.

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Ken and Sheena said...

It is awful, isn't it. I saw it when all the trees had been ripped out, and it put me in mind of a WW1 battlefield. Carnage. the way the new owner has treated villagers and the general public is shameful. A beauty spot ruined. Says he needs the fencing "for his sheep". Right. *rolls eyes*