Friday, 1 April 2016

Gammy logo providers

Woke up this morning with a gammy knee, all was fine when I went to bed the night before but come this morning I could hardly walk on the dam thing as any bending caused stabbing pains around the joint.

After hobbling around the apartment for a while I thought the best idea would be to exercise it with a stroll along the prom. We needed bread and tea bags so off I went in the hope things would  click into place or at least loosen up..

As I struggled down the two steps from the supermarket a pretty young thing approached me in a skimpy pink top emblazoned with an Avalon logo. She asked  if I knew anything about 'Avalon' while pointing to her left breasted logo. While trying to think and not to dwell too long on that part of the anatomy that held the logo, I was asked another couple of quick fire questions before it was decided I wasn't part of the demographic she was after.... mainly because I don't live in Spain.

On the painful journey up a steep hill and a few flights of stairs back to Sue I wondered about Avalon, what the girl was selling and why I was singled out, I would google it when I got back.

Back in the apartment the painful knee went as quick as it had come, as for Avalon I must have looked a real old crock ...............they are funeral plan providers.

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Mike Gicquel said...

I've got an old knee I'm not using any more, which I can let you have cheap.