Friday, 15 April 2016

It's 28C here.....

......sat by the fire.

Came back to a warm boat thanks to Jim who had got the stove alight for us earlier in the day.

We went to Tesco superstore  at Rugely  to stock up the galley. Klara was moored up in town so we popped aboard for a chat with Roly & Bev, we enjoyed  best bone china cups of tea with biccies as well as a good catch up.

As we left Klara  NB Moriarty was moored behind ... no sign of Martin & Cathy who must be the quietest moorers on the canal, a quick phone call to find out their position and we were off to the pub for a bit of dinner and a pint.

Last time we saw M&C it was in Mojacar.....R&B will be heading for the dry next winter. Two more members for the Mojacar Canal Club.

It's tipping down in Stone as I finally exchange the faulty domestic alternator on the engine. It took me longer to find a socket and a nut & washer I dropped into the almost unreachable dark places in the engine bay than actually doing the job.

I managed to snap one of the hinges on the side hatch doors... it had seized and while trying to free it with a bit of brute force and ignorance the weld gave way. Peter at Canal Cruising in Stone will hopefully get it sorted for me on Monday.

Tonight we are of to Stafford to meet up with meet up with Gordon & Dot they are blacking Ewn ha Cul at the boat club, a Happy Friday  drink and a meal in the Wildwood is the plan for this evening.

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