Monday, 18 April 2016

Back out on the cut

Finally we have detached FL from the grid and moved out of the marina.

Not cruising far, an hours cruise including two locks to an appointment at Canal Cruising Co. to have the side hatch hinge welded back into position. With most of the their hire fleet in front of the dock it took a bit of jiggery pokery to get FL to a position to be worked on.

FL in between two dry docks.

Ken the welder.

All sorted... more painting for me to do.
Glad to have that sorted out quickly, we were concerned the top hinge might snap too and we'd lose the door in the canal!

We have now moored in between Star lock and Yard lock. We are going to see some chums in the Royal Exchange for an au revoir  ale.

Weighed myself in Boots today the machine printed this certificate as proof that I am a fat bas*%#d have become portly. I was only 14 and a bit stone in December the downside of three months in the sun for those like me without any willpower. Interestingly I've grown 0.7" over the winter too.

Only once in my life I have dieted, I tried to loose 10 lbs in a year ..... after 6 months I still had 13 lbs to go.

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