Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Change of canals

Played the what time is it game when we woke this morning ... getting on for 10am ! 

The sun was up with no cloud or wind ... no fleeces required for the cruise today. Tea & bacon banjo's were taken on the rear hatch as we bimbled along enjoying the Staffordshire countryside - reminding ourselves why we love this life style so much.

We stopped at the fuel boat for coal - seems ridiculous buying coal when the day is so warm, we had to wait while the small holding owner amusingly had to recaptured three escaped piglets. Once they were back in the pen she passed over two bags and we were on our way.

Soon we can see the huge Rugely power station built in the 60's next to a handy coal pit (the coal pit is long gone). We stop for supplies at a huge canal side Tesco, there is a large Morrisons store on the opposite bank, evidence of this growing town.

Armitage is the next town passed through, here the huge bog factory sits beside the canal blocking out most of the light and warmth from the sun.. we shiver for a while.

An old milk factory at Kings Bromley wharf used to pong a bit according to L.T.C. Rolts book Narrowboat

At Woodend lock we looked for distant views of the three spires of Lichfield Cathedral but we couldn't spy them. Two more locks and we are turning off the T&M and on to the Coventry canal at Fradley Junction, here we moor till tomorrow.

Herd resting beside the river Trent

Power station at Rugeley.

Large brood or a 'paddling' of ducks, if they were on land the term 'twack' can be used among others!

The gorse in the hedgerow is colourful

The old milk factory at Kings Bromley Wharf.

FL disappears into Woodend lock

Moored at Fradley Junction.


Linda Gifford-Hull said...

Welcome home. You can't eat bacon banjos any more! Hope to catch up with you in September xxx

Andy said...

We will look forward to catching up Linda.X