Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The local....

... Junta ensure the workers take good care of the beach by giving it regular maintenance. The Easter holidays have seen the promenade become busier with more establishments opening and lots of families enjoying the beach.

Sand raking machine.

It has a Blue flag.

I caught myself telling someone the other day that the apartment we rent  "is too small to live in all year round"..... fool ..... we can live comfortably in the confines of a narrowboat all year.

Nearly as much room as Sue & Vic's new widebeam.

'Heart attack' hill up to the apartment.

Weather wise it hasn't been out of the low/mid twenty's for a week and is set to continue. The locals are still in coats though!

Monday- Sue and I  looked back on 29 years of memories since getting married on this day in 1987. To celebrate we had lunch of tapas and an evening meal out with friends who unexpectedly and very kindly footed the bill.

I am looking forward to getting back to FL soon to get her ready to continue our voyage.

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