Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Slat Mill to Knotts Bridge.

4.57am photo of a misty Slat Mill lock.

We pulled the boat forward on the ropes to Slat Mill lock, we didn't want to disturb the neighbours, it was 06:30 when the gates were opened, engine started and FL tiptoed into the lock.
Slat Mill lock

A few boats were moving at this hour, all having the same idea of getting through Cropredy early - we did get through smoothly, there was only one pinch point but nothing to concern skippers too much.

We were on our own through Broadmoor, Varney's and Elkinson locks but at the Claydon flight other boats with colourful crews were descending towards the festival

Some boats were getting in the festival mood.

Double mooring both sides of canal in Cropredy.
Fenny Compton was our lunch stop, Sue went to have a haircut at The Wharf Inn while I did a bit more painting. The painting got done, the haircut did not as the salon was shut.

At 15:00 we cruised 4 lock free miles to moor above Knotts bridge from here we can see the windmill on Napton hill across the valley.
Sheep line up to get to the top.

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