Saturday, 4 July 2015

Shiplake to Boveney - River Thames

We set off at 06:00, yes 6am, Henley Regatta starts today, so setting off early would ensure we would miss any traffic queuing at Marsh and Hambledon locks - it also gave me a chance to wake the noisy oik that moored behind us last night.

It was a little misty as we set off but the sun soon broke through and it was warm for the rest of the day. We cruised a total of 20 miles and 8 locks to moor at Boveney, we didn't go through Boveney lock in case Windsor was stuffed full of boats, a usual occurrence on summer weekends. 

I had a package to collect from Windsor post office, it's a two hour return trip on foot from the mooring, unfortunately I was 8 minutes late getting to the correct collection point - I wasted 20 minutes queueing at the PO counter. It was very hot so a glass of cold cider was had at the Watermans Arms. We will have to stay till Monday morning when the depo opens again.                                                                            

 Early morning on the course.

All Saints Church near Bisham Abbey

Medmenham Abbey yours for a cool £10,000,000.

Marlow bridge

Cliveden House

Cormarant drying off.


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