Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Friends on the Riverbank.

Paul, (The Manly Ferry weatherman) Elaine, Sammy & Bombo came to town today,  luckily it wasn't 'kin' raining or 'kin' freezing!. 

Assorted chairs came out of the boats for a good old catch up on the river bank with tea, tinnies, brownies & scones.

Paul, Ray, Sue , Elaine, Diane, Sammy & Bombo.

Elaine with the help of her brother Trevor's jig saw created the most beautifully crafted 'Three legs of Man' which now has pride and place in FL's saloon.
Sue & I were thrilled to receive this gift, we will treasure it always.

Pride of place on the saloon wall.

Elaine also hand made these soaps and creams
And these earrings for Sue.

 In the evening it was off to the Two Brewers for a meal and carry on the banter......
Paul, Diane, Elaine, Sue, Ray & Andy, we had seats for Dot & Gordon but their bus was late.

 It was dark when we left the pub...
Fountain in the park.......

........we were buzzed by the Windsor Hurricane

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Diane and Ray said...

You win in posting the reunion blog first, happy times xx