Monday, 13 July 2015

Changing banks.

We had a little 'boaters meeting' in the cobwebbed together cratches, it was decided that we should cruise down to Boveney lock to get rid of dumpables and top up the water tanks which between the two boats adds up to some 1200 litres, only a quarter of this is FL's, Ferndale has a huge tank.

As is usual on the days boaters cruise to water points the machines were in action to wash the clothing, in addition Diane arrived at the lock services squeaky clean herself.

We returned to moor at the leisure centre on the windsor bank, our mooring fee of £8 will now go to Windsor council instead of Eton college, the same bailiff collects from both banks.

The morning has been showery but stopped long enough for a dry walk into town and back.

The BBQ system we had on FL was one of those Cobb affairs, although small enough to be portable, with all the paraphernalia that came with it it took up a huge chunk of stowage space under the dinette seating. We kept it the first year, didn't use it, so returned it to the garage back home. Sue decided we needed the same model that Ferndale has aboard, if we don't use it we won't know it's aboard as it packs flat enough to lose in the boat.

How can we lose stuff in a space 6' 10"wide you may ask, easy we mislay or conversely find stuff we had forgotten was on board all the time.

BBQ in a small bag.

Quiet night in for the skippers  as Sue & Diane are off to the theatre to see Sherlock Holmes & the Ripper Murders by Brian Clemens.

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