Monday, 28 October 2013

Quiet day in Stone

We slept through any weather that we did get in Staffordshire,  the south east got a battering from storm Jude's barrelling it's way through the Channel. Here the day has been quite sunny at times with the odd short shower.

Today we have been into Stafford to have a look around, get a few bits for the boat and do some Christmas shopping . It's getting to that time of year when I need to keep occupied or I will be cajoled into  shopping more and more. Sue bought a food processor in Curry's but after getting it home we found an essential part missing so its going back tomorrow.

I bought some Ronseal to paint the solar panel box's, a double socket and some cable to fit a 240v socket in the electrical cabinet at the stern this will be used in conjunction with a battery charger to keep the engine starter battery topped up while we are on shore power. The converter has a charger but this only services the domestic bank as do the solar panels.

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks fair so I may finally get a topcoat on to the stern.

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