Friday, 25 October 2013

Back onboard

Arrived in LGW early at 0640hrs which is 50 Min's earlier than schedule, great I thought we'd be back to FL early but  the handling company didn't unload our bags for two hours ! Just what you need after an eight hour flight. A bit different from our arrival in Chicago where we were through immigration, collected our bags, through customs within 15mins.

I didn't get any sleep on the flight but we managed to get into business class so at least we were comfortable and were looked after well. We collected our car from our friends house and were on our way by 10'ish. We stopped for a Starbucks en route, we were held up by crawling traffic on M42 and M6, finally arriving back on the boat around 1330 hrs in warm sunshine but it has just started raining as I tap these keys. We have been up for over 36 hours now so will hopefully catch up on the Z's over the weekend.

Below are pictures taken on our last early morning beach walk.

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