Saturday, 26 October 2013

Morrisons v Tesco

We both had a 12 hour catch up sleep before  watching the F1 qualifying and then going to Morrisons to restock the cupboards. At Tesco's you can get three bottles of different 'designer' Ales for a fiver the same at Morrisons is 50p cheaper, so the more you buy the more you save.

Sue has been making good use of the on board washing machine as well as the marinas laundry facilities to get all the holiday gear  and  towels washed and dried.

 I asked the marina manager  Alex if I could move the mooring points on our pontoon to better suit FL's length of 58 ft. ( the mooring rings are positioned for a 70 footer). He was OK with letting me do the work so  in between the showers I moved the stern ring a few feet closer to the bow ring. Now FL doesn't yaw so much in the wind.

Watched the England rugby union team give a good account of themselves against favourites Australia in a world cup qualifying round . They lost 28-10 after being 10-0 up

I listened to Fulhams appalling display against Southampton on Talksport Radio, they lost 2-0 without having a shot on target.

Sue cooked us a tasty beef stew with an added  ingredient (Chipotle paste) which gave it a very pleasing slight kick.

I have been trying to decide whether to purchase a dehumidifier for the boat and if we do would a small one do a good job or should we get the standard 10L one. There are ones on the market that only switch on when there is need and ones that have a frost safety feature, both helpful if you are away from the boat for extended periods. We don't have a big problem with damp but in the mornings the inside of the windows and the anodised frames are sometimes wet.  I will give this a bit more research before committing to buy.

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