Thursday, 3 March 2016

Chilling & Spinning

This week has probably been the warmest since we have been here, made all the more sunnier because we met up with my cousin Anita and Michael, unbeknown to us they were also taking a winter break only 10k from Mojacar. It was thanks to my Canadian cousin Stuart that we were able to get together over a beer and tapas for a catch up. We have arranged another get together for next week.

Sunny get together.

Today I went go-karting at a track in Almeria with seven other Mojacar residents. I knew I wouldn't win on my first attempt, all the other guys bar one have been to the track at least once, the winners were multiple attendees, but I was quietly confident I wouldn't take the wooden spoon. 

The program; a practise session followed by a timed qualifying session to gain a grid position for the first of two 16 lap races, I was mighty pleased to be in pole position for the reverse grid race which meant I had posted the slowest lap time during qualifying.

My plan for this race was to make the kart as wide as possible and not let anyone pass, this plan was doomed when five skinny racers flashed past me followed by a fat bloke in a Man U t-shirt and the old boy on the number 21 bus. I'd have to come up with a different plan for race two.

Race two was a conventional grid and I took up my position at the back of the pack, as this race was for trophies plus champagne it would be no point in me trying to compete with the old hands, my plan was not come last...again. That meant trying to get in front of my buddy before the checkered flag. I would be up against it as Martin has been a professional driver in the past.

The race started and I stuck on his tail for three laps even gently nudging the rear bumper at the exit of one corner. I went in a little too hot in hairpin corner, dabbed the brakes and spun the kart, that put me half a lap behind and I finished last again.

To the victors the spoils, Jack Jay and Barry.

With the runner ups....Jack,Jack, Martin, Andy and Paul.
Even though I came last on this occasion I had a real blast and can't wait to have another go.

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