Saturday, 12 March 2016

Triple Crown

We watched the England v Wales game in the Irish pub, what a great game. We had a Welsh boyo from the valleys sitting behind us who knew better than the ref on multiple decisions. Dan Cole did his usual infringements which meant England were down a man for the last ten minutes of the game. This allowed a Welsh revival, but they couldn't overturn the English rout of the first half. A resounding rendition of Swing low sweet Chariot in the bar mellowed the Welsh contingent.

Pre match lunch

  After the match we had a meal in Al Punto, Sue had a Ribeye steak salad while I opted for the victorious  all you can eat 'fat boy' grill. They give you a square coaster, green one side red the other as long as the green is showing on the table they keep coming with meat from the grill. I had chicken, lamb, bacon, steak, pork and sausage with my chips, black beans and rice.

Green means keep it coming

Ham just the ticket.

Greedy ba%*ard

Tongs at the ready.

If I must

The smiling carver is a bit off putting
Just one more morsel.
No more ... please.
A feast for 14 euro.

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