Saturday, 19 March 2016

Any excuse

St Patrick's day is a good enough reason to get down the Emerald Isle pub and have a couple of pints of guinness with friends. Any old excuse it seems this winter, football & rugby being the two most common excuses made to have a jar or two.... the pubs screens show it all, our tv in the apartment doesn't (a good excuse I think).

On paddy's day I celebrate the 50% of Sligo blood coursing in my veins. On this day when the music starts I cannot stop my feet from tapping to the beat of the fiddle & Bodhran, as the black stuff flows the feet get a life of their own as I slowly morph into  "Michael Stavros Flatley" . Unfortunately or luckily no photo's survived of this feat.

It was an early start around 15:00 with an interlude at 19:00 for dinner in a nearby restaurant then back to the pub to see out the day.

Cathy, El, Sue, Wendy, Lesley.

Paul made a good Irish version of a country yokel.

Guinness wenches.

Double Guinness wenches

Quiet period during dinner.

Landlords photo of the day

It's Saturday today and three games of rugby starting with Wales v Italy at 15:30 and finishing with France V England at's back to the pub.....any excuse!

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