Friday, 30 June 2017


 After popmaster we cast off, being 11:00 lots of boats had already passed us heading for the locks, Four boats had stopped at the water point so we waited with one other boat to go up the first of three paired locks manned by a volunteer.
Exiting the bottom lock

During a sedate cruise we saw two predators looking for lunch, the kestrel did manage to swoop down and take off with a small mammal in its clutches.



Mooring near to Dunchurch Pools  I walked down to look how the marina is progressing.

One basin is occupied.

This is a huge marina

Good views from these widebeam berths

Towpath bridge under construction
The following day we headed into busy Braunston for supplies from the chandler and butcher. Then headed out to a rural mooring

Fat boats will lose a lot of paint getting to Dunchurch marina


Fire has melted the cabin on this aluminium boat. 

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