Friday, 7 April 2017

Back on board

All was well with FL when we climbed aboard, only a few cobwebs to deal with and a winters worth of dust and dirt to wash of the roof.

The battery bank was showing 100% charged thanks to the solar equipment, the Vetus engine burst into life first turn of the key. Not bad after being deserted for five months rafted in between other boats without shore power.

Stoked the Epping to warm the boat through, checked the bilges were dry and reconnected the water pump and filled the water tank.

We stayed in the marina for two nights and both had the best nights sleep we have had since we left the boat last October. FL is an anti stress machine.

Stocked the galley from the nearest supermarket - Tesco's at Daventry. The exterior steel got a wash down, put the new cratch cover back on and after topping the water tank we were good to go.

Midland Chandlers have their spring Freaky Friday (20% discount day) this week, we went along to get 20L of 'Intertuf 16' it was marked up as £149, with the 20% discount it brings the product down to £119 the same as advertised on their web site which is still a couple of quid more expensive than other chandlers -  Canal Cruisers in Stone sell for £117.  No wonder they are known as Midland Chandlers Swindlers.

Hailed Jules Fuels to pull alongside and drop a couple of bags of coal.

Sunset in Braunston

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