Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Hawkesbury Junction

Untied FL from the bank at 08:30 a bright day with less nip in the air than yesterday.  

Only one boat was on the popular Brownsover moorings when we passed, at the aqueduct after Masters bridge C&RT are doing a good job of bank repairs. 

Rugby's urbanisation is left behind as we pop out the other side of Newbold tunnel. From here to Hawkesbury Junction we cruise through quiet farmland and along high embankments. Stretton Stop swing bridge being our only obstacle to the journey.

Although not a lot of traffic seen on this trip Hawkesbury is very busy and we managed to squeeze into a mooring once we had taken the turn on to the Coventry canal.

Looking back from Sutton Stop lock.

We popped into the Greyhound just for a pre dinner drink, but ended ordering our evening meal there as well.... very good it was too.

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Sue said...

Ho hum, there are some places I am going to miss.. That is certainly one of them