Saturday, 29 April 2017

Starship Enterprise

The last week has been very cool but with a few black coals glowing in the Epping stove it is toasty warm inside FL.

After moving into the marina and plugging into shore power we found the Mastervolt inverters shore side of the unit wasn't working. On this system it means the battery charger didn't work along with the 230v power sockets on the boat.

As usual I'll always try to work out the problem myself with the help of (manuals,friends and interweb). I tested the power coming in to the RCD  between shore and inverter - this was OK but I changed the RCD for a new one anyway - a multimeter showed 230v on the load side of the RCD and at the inverter.

Must be the inverter then, the unit has a thermal breaker but that hadn't tripped. I took the front cover off to see if another fuse or breaker was on show and was met with more circuitry and electronics than on the dash of the Starship Enterprise I quickly put the cover back and called in an expert.

Upshot is the unit is now on it's way to Holland for repair/overhaul.

We also had an alternator repaired at Cox's.  Close to the canal at Atherstone and with a 24hour turn around it is handy for visiting boaters. This one is now on board as a spare.

Apart from some shopping and socialising with friends not a lot else has happened this week.

Right got to be off, we are lock wheeling for our mates up heartbreak hill.

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