Thursday, 23 March 2017

Spaghetti Westerns

Back in the early 60's Almeria was the film location for the so called spaghetti westerns, the dollar trilogy were my favourites. Every kid with a cap gun wanted to be Clint Eastwood. 

We ended up at Texas Hollywoods Fort Bravo an hours drive away at Tabernas, still a working film set, an episode of Doctor Who was filmed here in 2012. 

A bar room brawl, cancan dancing and shoot outs with mean looking cowboys was the entertainment, I liked it all, Sue not so much.

He shot the sheriff 

Riding into town looking for trouble


These girls cold twirl.

On the way home we stopped at a olive farm to sample and purchase a few oils to take home with us.

Four of our boating buddies are heading back to the canals this weekend, we will follow on shortly. We are not going to do the long drive to the Chunnel, we have booked the ferry to Portsmouth from Santander.

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