Sunday, 18 September 2016

Tixall Wide.

The Coventry canal meets the Trent & Mersey canal at a T junction in the middle of a flight of locks at Fradley

We turned left and joined a queue of boats at Middle Lock, lock keeper's at this lock and Shadehouse Lock got the boats moving through swiftly.

Met a lovely older Canadian couple who are on their fourth canal holiday, they prefer the history in the villages and towns than the scenic parts " We got scenic aplenty back home" -- forgot exactly where they are from but it was close to Half Moon Bay BC.

Also met a young couple - she bought the holiday for her boyfriends birthday - they are loving it and will definitely be back. Being bikers they usually holiday in Europe, touring on her Yamaha R6 and his Fazer 1000. This narrow boating lark suits all types.

Another ex tunnel, this one at Armitage. 

At Rugeley we came under fire from stone throwing oik's none hit FL but moored boats near us were hit. Getting out the camera usually gets the little rodents to scarper.
A Rugeley oik scarpering.

View from the side hatch.
We moored for the night at Taft bridge opposite a smallholding.

It was a glorious sunny Sunday cruise to Tixall Wide below some photo's of the journey

The Moscow State Circus at Shugburgh Hall

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