Monday, 12 September 2016

Braunston to All Oak's Wood.

The cratch cover on FL is looking quite scruffy, over the last two years we have sewn faulty zips shut and patched other parts. It needed changing so we took a berth in Braunston marina for a few days and while there we have had FL measured up for a new one.

The old one is eight years old and has always been a good fit - studded to the boat and cratch board with press studs. I dislike the manufacturers that use bungy's to hold the material in place (it seems to me they don't need to be exact with their measuring using bungy's in this way) I contacted one manufacturer who not only wouldn't make one without using bungy's would leave the bottom edge loose!

So I was pleased that AJ Canopies at the marina would make one how we wanted, - the same style as the old one, plus the fitter recommended a good tweak to the original design that we will run with.  The new cover will be ready mid October.
Entrance to Braunston marina.

Moored in the marina.
Fraser making a template for FL's cover.
 We are now heading northward, today has been a lovely warm day for cruising, we passed the site of a new marina on the North Oxford canal, plenty of activity on the huge site between bridges 81 & 82.

Who needs a cratch cover.

First locks for a while

Newbold's short tunnel.
It's the first time we have been through the three Hillmorton lock without a lockie being in attendance. We passed through Rugby and moored at All Oaks Wood after a four hour afternoon cruise.

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