Thursday, 15 September 2016


Tuesday - Untied FL from the bank at 09:30 and ambled along in the September sun, occasionally pulling over to let faster boats on a schedule to pass. At Hawkesbury Junction we turned right onto the Coventry canal and moored just before the water point. 

Decided we would treat ourselves to a pie & a pint of Guinness in the Greyhound at the junction, this proved wrong on two counts, first there was no room at the inn (unreserved tables) secondly the Guinness had run out. I consoled myself with a glass of Theakstons mild while waiting for our order of take out fish & chips to be cooked. 

Wednesday - a longish but uneventful cruise to the top of Atherstone locks where we met up with Roly & Bev. An advert for the Barge & Bridge is on the wall adjacent to the moorings traditional ales and a warm welcome ... seemed an ideal location to have a convivial catch up with our friends!

Looks like it's been out of business a while.

We had our catch up and a good lunch in the Red Lion Hotel instead.
Image result for red lion atherstone
A more inviting building.

Today -  it was a misty start to the day, the mist not giving way to full sunshine until 2pm. We had heaps of help en route down the Atherstone locks, volunteer lockies were on hand at the top lock, Roly walked up with windlass in hand at the next couple and from then on there were crews ascending as we lowered FL through a further eight locks. Tamhorn 12 miles further north would be our mooring spot

Misty morning- the derelict building is an old hat factory

Gathering in the spuds- if you look at the top - this machine is over flowing with King Edwards..
Balls bridge.

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