Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tampa to Stone via Somerset.

We saw the blood red moon from 42,000 ft, well not so much blood red more of a tomato soup colour. Holiday over, it was now time to get back to the boat from LGW via Somerset to collect a chair we had stored there.

We left Somerset at 04:30 and were having a coffee in a Stafford Costa just after 07:00 while we waited for the Radford Bank Inn to open at 08:00, there we partook of a breakfast buffet for £3.99.

Back on the boat it is a fine day -  I removed the solar panels and boxes, rubbed down the roof and gave it a pre-coat. The chimney collar was rubbed down and a coat of stove enamel applied, next job was to put the secondry glazing  back up, it only seems like a few weeks ago it came down when in fact it was 7 months ago.

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