Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Stone to Tampa via Somerset.

I haven't posted for a while so here's a quick update.

I finally managed to get a top coat on FL's roof before depositing the wrinkly back in Somerset.

We needed a bit of a holiday after three weeks of the being in close confinement with MIL, so we made our way to Gatwick where we got in the pointy end of a plane bound for Tampa - we are relaxing in the peace and quiet with our pals Glyn & Christine. Who on the first day were beginning to turn into the holiday company from hell.

On the way from Tampa airport Glyn managed to slam his fingers in the boot of the hire car and on our first night out Christine tripped over and cracked her elbow on the curb.

A pair of crocs
Christine got sorted out at the local walk in centre while Glyn required the help of the odd job man at the hotel with pliers and hacksaw to remove a ring from his swelling appendage.... Glyn is bemoaning the fact that his golf swing will be affected - his ability to hang on to a cold bottle of Coors lite has not.

Floridians bless them don't know the Rugby World Cup is on -  much less that the USA have a team competing in it. There is absolutely no mention of it on any of the channels available in the hotel (very insular our hosts are). We did find a paddy pub - Mickey Quinns - who obliged us to switch from baseball to the rugby so we could watch England v Fiji, we will be back there for the Wales game.

Herons here aren't as nervous as along the canal.

Cormorants are friendly too.

Taken on a sunset dinner cruise out of Clearwater.

To my Canadian audience (Stuart & Co) normal service will be resumed shortly.

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