Thursday, 27 November 2014

Blogging from the Irish sea.

The journey to the IOM was smooth and uneventful all elements of the journey were on time even the bus from the airport into Douglas.. we usually get in a cab for the last leg of the journey but seeing as I was alone and without luggage I didn't mind the short trek from the bus stop at the National Sports Centre to home....Saved more than £20 into the bargain.

Nikita was home from work to greet me before having to dash off again to her evening job. The two Labradors were  excited to see me....I wondered if they remembered me.. as they are excited to see any human that they meet. I took the two dogs out to the wood for a couple of hours  of ball throwing and fetching. As luck would have it one of Nikita's mates was in the wood with his two Labs. and another dog he was looking after .. this saved my arm from getting sore as he did most of the throwing. The five dogs can be identified by the different lights attached to their collars as they charge around in the blackness of the woods. Sylar has a single red light Rocky has a collar studded with red lights Molly has gold halo and Bobby a blue halo.
Being a narrow boater you would think I would of had a torch in my pocket after sunset but I didn't....Sue wasn't there to remind me, I always have to be reminded about that sort of thing, along with "Have you got your wallet? keys?" when ever I leave the boat.

Nikita and her house guest Jen brought a takeaway curry home after their shift finished which we devoured between us.

Friday and Nikita was up dogs walked and back at work  before I arose an hour later, those early start working days are a fading memory which I haven't missed one bit... tell a lie the pay cheque is missed.

The car started first time not bad for a 10 year old banger that has been stood for 5 months, took it down to the post office to get a new tax disc then gave it a run along the coast road to Laxey and back via the mountain road at Creg Ny Ba. Did a couple of jobs around the house before walking the dogs down to and along the promenade and back home.

Nikita met me in town for a pizza while I waited for the ferry. Once aboard I managed to get the last available cabin for the 3.5 hour crossing to Heysham, thought I might relax, write this drivel and watch the Spurs game before the two hour drive to Stone.
Ferry cabin.

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